28 September 2009

Falling for Lulu's

Recently I have come across an on-line retailer that I absolutely LOVE...Lulus.com! This site is amazing, they carry all of the great trendy pieces that we see in the magazines for fractions of the price. Lulu's allows for all of the fashionista's to purchase similar trends that we are seeing and loving on the A-list celebrities that will not, I repeat will not cost a small fortune. I first discovered Lulu's as I endlessly flipped though a gossip magazine. Yes, I read them and Yes, it is to only look at the clothes....I swear. The magazine was proving the great handbags can be purchased for under $50 and there is where I found her...lulus.com. I quickly went straight to my computer to check this site out and was pleasantly surprised it was located in the nor cal town of Chico, CA ( my new home)! So this is for all of you that sometime lose hope that they won't ever be able to work in fashion unless it is at the local mall...scour and look for the diamonds in the rough and maybe, just maybe you will come across something that you never dreamed possible a "lulus.com "in your own backyard.



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