20 September 2009

filling the GAP

"Introducing America's best fitting premium jeans" Loving this new 1969 denim line by GAP! Also, loving the marketing that is behind it! With a great fitting jean under $100, a denim lover could not possibly resist trying a pair of these on. With wide range of different fits everyone will be able to find there best fitting jean. Personally I am a fan of the "always skinny" but also tried the "real straight" and loved those as well! I like my jeans tight, but that doesn't always mean uncomfortable and GAP got it right with super soft denim that doesn't stretch out by the end of the day! As the tag line states this new denim line is definitely filling the gap between those $200 designer jeans that I oh so love, but are oh so expensive.

Loving these jeans, and really loving the $59.50 price tag!



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