01 October 2009

out with the old in with the new...season!

It has become clear that summer is over:( I woke up to frosty windows on my car and the overwhelming desire to dress in all things warm and fuzzy! This fall/winter is all about taking what you already own and reinventing the item to feel like new again! This can be a challenge, but I know that you can do it. Like many of you I store my clothes in bins for half of the year when I wont be wearing it. This takes some effort on my part but it also is a great opportunity for me to forget about pieces, and to get rid of some pieces that I know I definitely wont be wearing again. I always sell to local consignment stores, and donate the remaining items that don't make cut....a great way for a little extra cash and frees up space in my closet. Below are a few tips that will help reinvent your closet for fall!

1. group clothes by category...pants,dresses, skirts, tunics, etc...

2. get that sweater ball remover out and use it! it always calms my nerves and really makes the garment look new again!

3. look for purples, this color is so popular this season and is a great alternative to black!

4. feel crafty? heat seal some studs or rhinestones to an long-sleeve thermal top!

5. add a brooch to your coat...or a silk scarf to your handbag.

6. layer, layer,layer! and not just your tops, but also with tights and leggings, try wearing fishnets over your leggings kinda feisty but fun!

7. have fun! don't think that you have to go out and get a whole new wardrobe because the season changed...tempting, I know but not practical.

Do not forget about accessories, hair and makeup! These three things will always make or break an outfit....but above all stay true to yourself:)



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