08 October 2009

rough and stuff with my afro...Louis Vuitton?

Ok...so I guess that we can expect Afros are coming back in season...if Marc Jacobs is doing it for Paris Fashion Week I am going assume that we may see a revival of this 70's hairstyle! My sister rocks one so I guess she must be a muse:) The Louis Vuitton show also featured printed LV spandex bicycle shorts under short dresses and skirts? I am a little hesitant on the bike short thing....I personally do not want 3 muffin tops... one around the top and two peeking out below...not so cute :{ The runway was filled with over sized messenger bags, muted colors and ill fitting clothes that were thrown together. This show has left me feeling confident in my current closet and not ready to jump on the bicycle short band wagon.

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